Original: Doors of No Return (1,2 &3)  (Framed)

Original: Doors of No Return (1,2 &3) (Framed)

$5,550 Regular Price
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During my travels to Ghana West Africa, I had the honor of visiting the Castles, which in my opinion were more like dungeons where the slaves were kept. This my rendition of what I captured mentally. These Doors represents Entrance & Exit. When Africans were forced to enter, they never returned home. The three doors are not sold separately. The price listed is the total for all three.


Medium: Acrylic. Dimensions: 16x20 inches. Weight: (packaging included) 15lbs all together


Doors 1, 2, and 3 are only available as originals. If interested, contact PAVAA Gallery. We also have available all three images in one collage.