Original: Universal Diaspora (Framed)

Original: Universal Diaspora (Framed)


Title: Universal Diaspora

Dimensions: 13.5x17.5 inches

Weight (includes packaging): 5 lbs

Medium: Acrylic, oil, fabric, nuts, fabric paint


Original only available. If interested, contact PAVAA Gallery. This image is also available as a greeting card. To see our cards, go back to the Shop Art page and click on Collections or Filters. On a cell, also click Apply.


    The little white circles and squares are a representation of Males and Females in the universe. They are also known as Adinkra symbols. The colorful, circular motion represents the swift wind pulling, causing facial distortions, clothes being ripped apart, and spillage of nuts. A representation of movement, feet hanging out the frame represents coming from or going to.

    I dedicate this painting to those UNFORTUNATE Africans and their families who are always searching for a better life because they are running from war and famine. I believe this happens because some American and European companies are always in search of gold, diamonds, and other precious minerals that Africa has in abundance. This search has bred corruption within SOME parts of Africa and between SOME Africans.

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