Original: People Hold On (Framed)

Original: People Hold On (Framed)

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Two original paintings framed separately, only sold together. This simple black & white abstract design, done in tree branch format, represents us as humans holding each other up. I believe this virus revealed those who love to hate and those who love to Love and respect all humans. This creation was done in honor of those who love to love.


Title: People Hold On (Framed)

Dimensions: 16x20 inches each

Weight: 15 lbs (packaging included) Total for the two together.

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    Can be purchased as a unframed or framed print for $75/$175.

  • Additional details about the art piece

    The little white circles and squares are a representation of Males and Females in the universe. They are also known as Adinkra symbols. The colorful, circular motion represents the swift wind pulling, causing facial distortions, clothes being ripped apart, and spillage of nuts. A representation of movement, feet hanging out the frame represents coming from or going to.