A home for Afrocentric performance and visual art and the artists who produce it and hunger for a place where they can be themselves


An opportunity for awesome people of every race and background who seek out the cultural expressions of the African Diaspora to interact with the artists, expand their minds, AND be entertained


A collection of African and Afrocentric artworks where art lovers can purchase special pieces that speak to their unique tastes for a lifetime of visual enjoyment


PAVAA GALLERY - A Home. An Opportunity. A Collection.


Lancaster, PA local artists Gerri McCritty, Tyrell Hoff, and Marion Coleman brought together their creative talents and energies to establish PAVAA Gallery in the summer of 2015.  

Gerri McCritty - Featured Premier Artist of PAVAA Gallery works in mix media creating visually stunning Afrocentric works of Art.  Gerri is also an accomplished drummer and DJ producing sounds no listener can sit still to.

Tyrell "TeeTos" Hoff - DC born Hip-Hop Lyricist TeeTos brings his unique beats and wordsmith talents to the stage at PAVAA Gallery and local Lancaster venues.  His overall messages of spiritual awareness and living a life of gratitude punctuate his energetic and powerful performances. 

Marion "Coco" Coleman - A vocalist who refuses to be locked into a genre, challenges the edges of Jazz, R&B, Blues, Spoken Word and World to deliver a neo soul indie sound all her own.  Her vocal performances grab you from the first note and takes you on a musical ride that's exciting, classy and very cool. 

 632 N Christian Street Lancaster, PA 17602



WINTER HOURS: November-May open by appointment only, but you can shop and buy our art and artful apparel through PAVAA's online store anytime of the day or night, anytime during the year. Also, available year round for rental as an intimate, unique event space for your special occasion. CONTACT US! 

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