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Featured Premier Artist: Gerri McCritty

Photo of PAVAA artist Gerri McCritty


Gerri McCritty is a multidisciplinary artist.  She was born in Liberia, West Africa.  She has lived and participated in the Lancaster, PA community, especially the art community in Lancaster for the past twenty plus years.  After many years creating art using her self taught natural abilities, she enrolled in and matriculated from Millersville University with an Art degree. Gerri now exhibits her art primarily at PAVAA Gallery, a gallery for Afrocenteric performance and visual art located in northeast Lancaster.  Besides painting, she specializes in creating sculptures from wood, bronze, clay, plaster, and found objects.  Gerri is also a professional DJ, and afro-percussionist and has always searched for a creative way to combine art, drumming, and music, and now she has!



A performance painting created with drumsticks, playing along with a musical mix created by Gerri that consists of various artists & genres. Drum-Beats-Art can also part of an interactive experience. Feel the joy of Gerri's ART BEATS DANCE by creating your own original painting while dancing with drum beats to music. Or just watch as others do.

  • Monthly performances at PAVAA Gallery!  See more information on PAVAA Gallery's social media sites.

  • Private bookings available for small group Arts Beats Dance sessions. 

Gerri's Drum-Beats-Art creations are awesome, unique, & one of a kind, and can be purchased through PAVAA Gallery's online store.  



The nature of my work is earthly and rhythmic, and it aims to bring out emotions we all feel globally in today’s world.   Africans celebrate the happiness & sadness of life with dance & rhythms. They say, “suffering but still smiling.” My work reflects the experience of my transitions, reflecting my West African roots and the rhythm of life in Lancaster, PA.  These two rhythms are deeply connected to me.


My work seeks to reveal racial injustices, promote environmental awareness, and bring out the emotions of happiness, sadness, discomfort, and the notion of elegance, dignity, pride and passion as notes to the rhythms using mixed media and found objects. 

Gerri’s motto is:  Art + Music = Love

Visit Gerri's Facebook page!

Click here to browse & purchase Gerri's visual art or artful apparel!

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