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Print: Mask of African Legends-2 (Unframed)

Print: Mask of African Legends-2 (Unframed)

$55.00 Regular Price
$33.00Sale Price

Title:  Mask of the African Legends-2


Description:  This painting was done in honor of all the African tribal masks that exist.   

 I want the viewer to focus on the stripes.  It represents all of the African tribal marks painted on the face or body in  today’s world. We see it all the time tattooed or painted on people.  The cowrie shell eyes represent the essence of the society.


Dimensions: 16x20 inches

Artist: Gerri McCritty

Weight: 3lbs includes the packaging


Other sizes available. Prices vary depending on size. Contact us for help placing your order for other sizes. Don't want to frame it yourself? We'll do it for you for an additional charge. The orginial painting of this image is available. If interested in the original, contact us for dimensions & price.

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