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Print: People Hold On 3&4 (Unframed)

Print: People Hold On 3&4 (Unframed)

$55.00 Regular Price
$33.00Sale Price

Title: People Hold On 3 & 4

This simple black & white abstract design, done in tree branch format, represents us as humans holding each other up. I believe this virus revealed those who love to hate and those who love to Love and respect all humans. This creation was done in honor of those who love to love. And it is also a part of “The Day We Paused” series. 

Dimensions: 20x16 inches

Weight: 5 lbs (includes packaging)

Unframed: $28 each.  Other sizes available. Prices vary depending on size. Contact us for help placing your order for other sizes. Don't want to frame it yourself? We'll do it for you for an additional charge.

  • Special Note

    Purchase both versions of "Hanging On" (3&4), and display them side-by-side to create a completely different experience.

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